Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A good friend sent the following to me last week after Jan's surgery. I've pulled some interesting parts out of it.


I have come to realize over the years that our minute might be long or short depending on what God is doing with us at the time. I have been in a moment where I was sure God stopped the universe for a reason that goes beyond anything my human mind could ever comprehend and when I look back on those moments I am reminded of the story of Joshua where God held up the sun to help Joshua claim a victory. I am sure it was an amazing miracle to observe for Joshua and a reminder that the God we serve has the power to hold up the sun and guide us to victory every single day of our life.

I believe that if God does that for one He will always do it for someone else don't you? I am referring to those moments where we may encounter someone who is experiencing a battle of some sort and it seems that God stops time just for us to help heal a heart or win the battle like Joshua. I believe we encounter moments like this all day long but we make a decision to give or walk away to be defeated or have victory. God continues to show that His will is always victorious if we will only be faithful and obedient to what He places on our hearts.

We will never understand the mysteries of God until we get to heaven but we can embrace those everyday moments where He is extending an invitation for us to experience His hand in an extraordinary way when we are willing to continue to serve others and fight for people and love.

I hope at this moment as you listen to my heart that you will truly open yours and ask yourself am I ready for an “extraordinary moment?”

Pretty powerful, huh? Wow. I am continually reminded that we serve a God of victory and He wants us to walk victoriously every single day of our life.

God works in mysterious ways but this is for sure… He brings people together for His purposes and whatever man may perceive as big or small it doesn't matter because when Gods hand is on something he will multiply it just like he did the loaf of bread. I am sure the little boy who gave Jesus his fish and bread could have never "imagined" the "extraordinary moment" when it was multiplied to feed thousands. We can never ignore the little things because that is when God does His greatest work. We can never despise our weakest moments because that is when God is always at His best in us. We don't have to know how God will multiply the bread we just have to know the HE can and HE will.

I hope you enjoyed this!


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Denise said...

This was awesome sweetie, thanks for sharing. I love you.