Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~God At Work~

A week ago today Jan was having brain surgery. God has truly been at work. She is doing fantastic. So good for her body to have a chance to rebound with this time off treatment. She is in a good place with having all the visible cancer GONE! She has handled this all so gracefully. It is awesome to see God at work.

The pathology results should be back any day now. Jan will return to see the surgeon on July 15, next week, as well as her oncologist. Please join us in praying for her next treatment plan, as well as complete healing!!


Lea said...

Oh Cheryl, please tell Jan we're thrilled for her!

Melanie said...

So great to here this news, Cheryl! I certainly will continue praying.

Denise said...

Such wonderful news, you have my love and continued prayer support sweetie.

Christina said...

Once again awesome news. I am praying and am in awe of the healing the Lord is doing of Jan's behalf.