Monday, March 31, 2008

~Sweet Sweet Fella~

Day 1 is almost over. It has been rather a breeze. But of course Ripley is feeling rather poorly. He was very glad to see me when I picked him up this morning and did exactly as he did when I picked him up last time. He cried all the way home. But once we stopped to visit friends he stopped. He allowed friends to hold him for a minute, but only if I sat right there. When I started to leave the room, he had a fit.

He hasn't had to stay in the crate today since I know he's not going anywhere. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

We have to make weekly visits to have bandage change and then we have to see the surgeon in 2 weeks to check the elbow. If the bandage gets wet it has to be taken off immediately and we have to come back in. We are supposed to wrap it with Saran wrap or a bag if we go out when it is wet. Fun! Fun! The Saran wrap worked good today.

As promised here as a few pictures taken today. They are rather sad.

This is the only one I could get him to look at the camera!

He really wasn't much in the mood for pictures.

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