Thursday, June 25, 2009

~Tentative Decisions~

Since learning the news yesterday that the doctors at MD Anderson were recommending Jan move forward with surgery to determine whether the change in her MRI is dead tissue, she has been torn in what to do. At this time, after being armed with more information, I think she is leaning toward having the surgery.

She had the Doppler ultrasound of her legs/feet, but I have not heard what the results are yet.

Please pray for Jan as she moves forward. She has some concerns about problems caused by surgery. Pray that she is covered with an abundant of with the decision that she makes and for a successful surgery with not problems resulting from the surgery, as well as the findings to be DEAD TISSUE. Please pray that this is the answer to Jan's (and ours) prayer that the cancer be removed.

He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Isaiah 40:29 NLT


Under the Florida Sun said...

Wow. So much going on.. will be praying..

Denise said...

I am lifting Jan, and you way up in my prayers. I love you my friend.

Christina said...

I am praying for Jan. I am praying this is dead tissue and I am sorry to hear she has to possibly face another surgery. Hopefully all will go smoothly and she can be assured that she is fine.

Tracy said...

Keeping sweet Jan lifted up in prayer...I know these must be difficult decisions to have to make. Keep us posted...