Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Friday Funnies~

Lawyers Girl

Once, there was a lawyer. This lawyer had a wife and a little girl who he loved. He made a good living and pretty satisfied with life.

He was surprised when his daughter began avoiding him one day. Goodnight kisses stopped. Hug were few and far between. She never sat on her father's lap and practically refused to listen to bedtime stories from him.

The lawyer began to get more than a little frustrated with this behavior and decided to talk to his daughter about it. He brought it up with her.

She wouldn't talk to her father and so she wrote a note to be given to him via her mother.

When the lawyer read the note, he was a bit shocked. This is what it read:

"Mindy's dadee sayz that lawyers suk the blood ouwt of aneeone thay come close to. i dont want yu to suk mi blod, so dont come clos to me pleas. thank yu. sophie."
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I don't know anything yet about my interview, actually my 3rd interview with this one law firm. My thoughts on this interview process with this firm is, like the old saying, "fish or cut bait."
Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. CST I have an interview with a different firm. I think, just maybe, in the last 2 weeks, I've had more interviews than the rest of my working days. Probably not, but I'm getting up there.
Thanks for your continued support and mostly for the prayers.
Have a great Friday!


Denise said...

That was funny, lol My prayers for you continue.

Krista said...

LOVE IT! I am a paralegal for a large lawfirm. There are six lawyers that I assist. I can vouch for that! If today is a pleasant (NOT) as yesterday, I may have to jump off our third floor balcony. J/K.

Thanks for the laughter! It's good for the soul.


Darlene said...

This is funny! Praying for you my friend!