Friday, July 25, 2008

~Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ Song of Love~

It has been good week! I'm so very thankful that I have a job and that I'm moving forward. Jan has returned from M.D. Anderson. I don't think they have the results of her blood work yet. Pray that she continues to tolerate this chemo with no or minimal side effects and good results on her testing. Mom will be seeing her primary physician Monday to follow up on her testing and to see what our next step is. My cousin asked me to Thank everyone for their prayers. She will be seeing her oncologist Tuesday to discuss future treatment. Please pray for peace and knowledge as they move forward in this regard.

Have a great weekend!

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Darlene said...

Yeah!! I am so excited for you on the new job! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!
So glad this was a good week for you. Great song! I love it!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Earthmommy said...

I love that song, so uplifting and energizing! Glad you had a great week!

Life's an adventure said...

Great song! Glad to hear things are going well for you. Continue to pray for Jan.

Peggy said...

Cheryl...not much time for blogging
anymore...Yippee...a new job! I'm so glad your week turned out SUPER!
Still praying!

I'm a bit better, thank you!

How could there be more HOPE for EACH DAY than thanking O Lord with a Song of Love! Yes Jesus...You are the King of Our Hearts! Father, may You be and remain for Cheryl, Jan, their cousin and mom,
their peace...their light...the joy of their sould...may they rest in Your care...for You are the HOPE of their heart...bring Joyce to know You this way and all that
need you still in the Name of Jesus!

Perfect song of PRAYER & PRAISE
& WORSHIP! Thanks, Cheryl! I'll be singing this one now into next week

Bless you for your visit my friend!

Sita said...

Hey...this truly gave me a glad your week was good..blessings...

Amy Wyatt said...

Beautiful song choice. Glad you had a great week.

Mocha with Linda said...

I love this song!!

Carol said...

Congrats on the new job! Great song! :)

Lisa Ann said...

Beautiful song. Hope you have another good week.

Mary said...

The name of your blog is what drew me here! Hope has been a very important word in my life since my daughter was in the hospital four years ago. I am drawn to the word Hope!
Then I read about your sister Jan. A number of years ago I went with a very close friend to MD Anderson while she was taking chemo for lymphoma. She is doing fine and the lymphoma has not come back.
MD Anderson has helped countless numbers of people and yet I know that God is over all. . even top rated hospitals!
I will be back to see how Jan is doing.


Christina said...

I am so glad to hear you have a job. I pray this is the one for you. I am thanking God that Jan is doing well and praying for her.

I tagged you for a little meme I thought you might like, if you have the time.

Christina said...

PS I really enjoyed the song.