Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Without Christ~

"Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be." John 12:26

Jesus encouraged His disciples by promising, "where I am, my servant also will be." There is nothing in this world that I desire more than the presence of Jesus in my life.

Nothing . . .

not houses or honors or health,
not cars or careers or children,
not money or marriage or ministry,
not fame or family or freedom,
not promotion or pleasures or position,
not strength or success,
not ability or achievement,
not even love or life itself.


What would it be like NOT to have Christ in your life? I think it would be hell --literally.
Devotion Taken from My Heart's Cry ~ Anne Graham Lotz

Saturday evening we celebrated my Mom's birthday. It is actually tomorrow. So, Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Father's Day to Dad who is in Heaven and to our Heavenly Father.

The picture below is from left to right: Donna, Mom, Jan and Me.

For Mom's birthday we picked out some rocks and you can see on
the one above we put "Mom ~ we love you" with our names.

On the rock to the right, we had a portion of Joshua 24:15. There
is a man I found who sandblasts the rocks. He can either paint in the letters or he can sandblast where the lettering is raised. I've seen some of his other work and he is outstanding.

This rock to the left with Hebrews 3:4 is a rock that I had done for myself. I have my rock sitting on my front porch, as does Mom.

Our Mom really likes rocks and we thought this was something different.

<>When I don't understand why, I trust Him because ... God understands my feelings.


lana said...

I love the rocks! Those are wonderful. What a great gift.

Tracy said...

What an awesome gift. What a terrific way to display scripture. I love them! Is the gentleman who does them local only to you or does he make and ship them?


Peggy said...

Cheryl...the lettering and what you've written for your mom are aMazing and awesome! May she stand on the Solid Rock and all He promises...your scripture verses are excellent! And the devotion shared on "Nothing"! Very creative way of blessing her with something she likes and giving them Purpose!
Happy day to mom, dad and Our Heavenly Father! May it be the same for Jan!I now will read forward to TT!!! Be blessed!