Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~WFW~ Strength~

Jan, Gerald and my Mom will be meeting with Jan's oncologist at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday to discuss a new treatment plan. If you haven't seen the final results ~ it is necrosis mixed with new tumor. See below for full update.
Please pray for the following:
1) Pray for the appointment. Please pray that God will work in Jan, Gerald and Mom so that they can understand the treatment options. Pray that they will also know in their hearts which treatment is the best for Jan.
2) Pray that the treatment Dr. Gilbert offers is the BEST treatment for Jan and not simply one of his clinical trials.
3) Pray as she gets ready to embark on this new treatment that there will be minimal side effects, but maximum results.
5) Pray for our family that we will all be ready and available to do whatever is necessary as we walk this journey with Jan.
6) Pray if the best option is surgery again that she will have GREAT results with no deficits or complications.
7) Pray for safe travel home.
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Tanja said...

Cheryl, I can just picture your family clinging to this verse. I checked the entry below to catch up on your sister's prognosis. You are such an encouragement to me. I love that you put that your desire is to praise Him regardless of circumstance. I'm going to pray that over you. It's such a great testimony to see a Christian in troubles just singing praises to our Father.

Tracy said...

What a perfect verse. As Tanja says, you are a precious sister and one that encourages me greatly by your walk. Your faithfulness to offer praise (and to pray for me and others) amidst what your family is dealing with is such an inspiration. So glad we "met"!

Thanks too for checking in on me this morning (see what I mean?) Breaks my heart to hear things like that. Henderson is actually pretty far away (about 3 hours or so).

Looking forward to hearing how things go for Jan today...

Ever in prayer,

Laurie Ann said...

Cheryl, what a beautiful promise to cling to with the perfect photo to go with it. Praying specifically as you mentioned...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful verse, especially in the midst of trials.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

What a stunning photo.

Prayers for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hugs Cheryl, praying for God to cover you and your family with his grace that only he can give.