Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~Results & Treatment~ SEE WFW BELOW

Mom called awhile ago with the results of Jan's office visit with her oncologist.

First let me say, the results show that there is not actually new tumor, but where there was still tumor has started to grow. BUT, it is very minimal. In order to determine this growth they had to take the MRI, MRS and the PET CT scan and incorporate these studies together. They were unable to see the minimal growth on the studies individually. This is a new software program that M.D. Anderson has and Jan is the first one they've used it on. We are very thankful for this new software and especially thankful for "minimal growth."

Because of the growth they are changing treatment plans. It is a treatment Jan will be able to do at home and it is 2 oral medications. I've pulled the clinical trial on this, but haven't reviewed it as of yet. They will return to M.D. Anderson next Wednesday for testing to make sure she qualifies for this treatment.

Thank you for your prayers!


Susan said...


Oh, what a major relief, I'm just thrilled.

Now I'm going to continue praying and believing this new protocol will stop the growth COMPLETELY in Jesus name!!

Love you♥

Christina said...

Sounds like very good news and I will keep praying for more good news and total healing. There are so many new things out there that hopefully someday soon they will be able to stop some of these dreaded diseases in their tracks.