Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~Preliminary Results~ See WFW Below

I guess it is just a little difficult to have a PET CT scan which takes about 2 hours and then turn right around and see your oncologist. Maybe modern medicine needs to step it up a little more....or is God wanting us to learn to wait...or have a little patience?

The appointment with the oncologist went well. The preliminary results are in. And....they look good. I spoke with Jan and it is their understanding that Dr. Gilbert has had a look at both the MRI Spectroscopy and the PET CT scan. Dr. Gilbert will be giving Jan a call on Monday with the final report of the PET CT scan. So until then, we wait...

Please pray God provides an abundance of PEACE and FAITH as we wait patiently...


Susan said...

Oh Cheryl!!

Tears of great joy, and a major SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!

Rejoicing with you guys...

I'll continue to pray for the final official report on Monday.

Yes, I do understand, we get spoiled at St. Jude too, if we have to wait over night, I'm just dying!

Hey, LOVE THE NEW LOOK on your BLOG, it's simple beautiful, (like your heart!!)

Blessings my friend♥

Tracy said...

I've been anxious to see the report and kept checking back throughout the day. Praising God and continuing to pray until the final report on Monday. (I can't imagine how hard this waiting must be for all of you!) Yes, and praying for an abundance of peace, faith and patience for you too!


Christina said...

I will keep praying for Jan and am so glad the preliminary results look good. I know we will be hearing good news from you on Monday, Sorry you have to wait, I know how hard this is. It must be hard for Jan but I am very glad that she heard things look good. This should keep her spirits up for the weekend and with all of us praying things can only get better.