Sunday, June 29, 2008


About 5 years ago I became friends with a single mom who was a manicurist at a salon where I used to go. At that time she had a 3-year-old boy and needed to work evenings a couple of days a week. We made arrangements for her son to go with me to church on Wednesday nights.

In the last couple of weeks her Mom has been having some health problems which has led to testing. They received the news Friday that her Mom has lung cancer. It is inoperable as there is a 3 cm mass that is around the aorta at the top of her lung.

Please pray for Joyce. She is facing some very big decisions. She has 3 daughters who are in their late 20's. She has a grandson, E. who is now 7 and one of her daughters is pregnant. And please pray for God to soften her heart. She is not a Christian and doesn't want any part of it. This is a very close family and they are really hurting.

They will be seeing a local oncologist Monday about treatment options and are considering treatment at M.D. Anderson.

This is an all too familiar place where they are, except they desparately need a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I can't imagine having to walk this journey without God.

I just recently put the following a few weeks ago when Jan was in the midst of all these tests and we were waiting for results. I think it is most appropriate to add again.

Faith is the belief that God is real and that God is good… It is a choice to believe that the one who made it all hasn’t left it all and that he still sends light into the shadows and responds to gestures of faith…

Faith is the belief that God will do what is right

God says that the more hopeless your circumstances, the more likely your salvation. The greater your cares, the more genuine your prayers. The darker the room, the greater need for light.

God’s help is near and always available, but it is only given to those who seek it,

From: Max Lucado’s “God’s Promises for You”

Please pray God gives this family an abundance of Peace, Faith and Hope. Also pray for treatment options. AND, please pray for God to work in their hearts and lives to bring a softening and a yearning to only walk this journey WITH CHRIST!

Please pray for E. He is so young and has had some hard times in his young life.



Melanie said...


Sheryl said...

wow, thank you for sending that hillsong video to me. i am ruined for the day, but that's okay. God is my healer! as i said in my post it may be spiritual healing, but HE still heals.

also, still praying for your sister and now will pray for your friend's family.


Peggy said...

Praying and sending that video your way...HEALER
actually I just had to post the song but I linked to you, too!

I so love your Max Lucado quote!

A Stone Gatherer said...

How sad! Praying for spiritual healing as well as physical healing!

Tracy said...

Praying for Joyce, but also for the girls and her little grandson. So glad you shared that beautiful song again...what a gift. Like you, I can't imagine walking through something like that without faith...

Laurie Ann said...

Definitely praying. She needs God now more than ever. I pray He will help her see her need for Him.

Christina said...

I will pray for this family. I can't imagine going through the things in this life without the Lord Jesus by my side. How sad, but there is always faith and hope that they will all meet the Lord.

PS I just scrolled down to see Potter's Hand. I had to listen to this one too.