Monday, April 7, 2008

~Trust & Lies~

Brief Update on Ripley

Ripley felt rather well today. He was actually a little "too" playful for his "circumstances" should I say. We had to go in for a bandage change this morning. The bandage has been slowly creeping down and in fact when I took him out this morning it had slipped down a couple of inches and was causing him some difficulty with hopping/walking/limping or whatever it is he is doing at this time, so I took it off. We headed up to the surgeon's office then because I don't want him to reinjure his leg. He's not trustworthy at this time. He usually rides in the passenger front seat of the car, but he likes to either stand with his paws on the back of the seat or on the console, so I've been making him ride in the crate when we're in the car. But today since he didn't have the bandage on, he rode in my lap (I know that's illegal, but I wanted control over what he did).

So we got his bandage changed and on the way home he did get to ride in the crate. HE DOES NOT LIKE THE CRATE. He made sure I knew it. He did some whining and then he did some very loud barking. It was so funny. He doesn't bark much, but he really got going today. Wait till Thursday when we go back for the surgeon to check his leg and to get the sutures removed. I might ought to get some ear plugs.

How can relationships be mended when people are unwilling to be honest? What do you do? How do you handle this? I don't understand how or why people would make serious allegations against a person that are blatant lies? There have been problems leading up to this blow-up over the last several months. It is evident where the problems lie.

This is not what I want for my life. I don't want these types of relationships.

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