Thursday, March 27, 2008


What is a person to do?

Yikes! It will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I tell you 7 long long weeks tomorrow since Ripley had his surgery to fix the problem at his elbow. Well, wouldn't you know, he's injured it. He has managed to pop the bone out of place without bending the pin they put in to stablize the joint. So, tomorrow morning they will go back in and put this back in place or try to and it will then have to be wrapped for 3-4 weeks so that it will not be able to come out. Hopefully this is not all done in vain and we are able to save his leg. I cannot stand the thought of this young dog losing his leg. I don't think it would phase him a bit, but it bothers me greatly.

So, we are starting this surgery thing over. It'll be the end of summer before this more doggy will be able to be groomed. He already looks like a rug rat he's so shaggy.

On a lighter note...

This has been my sister's week for chemo and she's tolerated it fantastically. And, Praise God, she's started to grow hair. They told her it would be 2-6 months before this would happen, if at all. Whew! She would not be happy if she didn't get her hair back.

God is Good!

Jan ~ Prior to losing her hair!

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