Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~Test Results~

Jan has called with the results of her MRI.

You'll remember the MRI from M.D. Anderson from early December, 2007 showed the original tumor area, a small area on the brainstem and a small area on the front right side.The results show:

1. The area on the brainstem is gone;

2. The doctor is unsure about the front right area, but thinks this is swelling now from the radiation and no longer tumor. He's not positive, but had another patient with a similar area.This patient is now 4 years cancer free.

3. The area where they were able to remove part of the tumor "has improved a lot."

We want to PRAISE GOD for these results. Even though there are still signs of cancer, EVERYTHING HAS IMPROVED. There are NO SIGNS OF NEW TUMOR AND NO SIGNS OF GROWTH!!!!!

Of course, we wanted it to be completely gone, but it is decreasing in size, so we'll fight harder.


Dr. Gilbert wants to be more aggressive.

1. Jan is being put back on the "Study."
2. She will return to M.D. Anderson every month instead of every two months.
3. With being on the "Study" the Temodar (chemo) will be paid for. She has the potential of being on 1 to 3 other medications along with this chemo.
4. Her schedule for the Temodar will be one week on and one week off.

Thanks so much for checking and praying. PRAYERS ARE OUR LIFELINE.

Be still & Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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