Saturday, February 23, 2008

~The Angel with the Golden Glow~

By Elissa Al-Chokhacy. She did a brief (sort of) synopsis of the book.

I wanted to share is the story:

Once in a village in a faraway place, a child was born. He was unlike any other child. He was special. Of course all babies are special, but this child was different. He was really an angel in disguise. His golden hair, long curly dark eyelashes, cherubic cheeks, and sweetness were the only telltale signs that could possibly give away his disguise. This angel was full of courage, as most angels who come to earth. Shortly before the cherub's birth, God gathered all the angels and held an important meeting in heaven. "My beloved angels," He said, "how I love each of you for the joy you bring! Soon there is to be born on earth a special child. He will be different from the other children in the things he will be able to do. I need the bravest of all My cherubs to bring healing. You will be born in this special earthly body. It will not work in the same way as most do. Although you'll have loving parents, life will not be easy. Soon after your birth, they will know your time on earth will be brief."

The cherubs started jumping up and down, waving their hands, hoping to be chosen! An angel's purpose is to spread love, joy, hope, and healing. Each knows it is a great privilege to do God's work. God looked among His angels and noticed one whose halo shone brighter than all the rest. "Little Angel with the Golden Glow," He announced, " I choose you to be born unto this earthly home. Your light is so bright it can penetrate even the deepest sadness and change it into love. It is you, blessed angel, who shall do My work on earth. The angel was thrilled! How he had hoped he would be chosen! He would work with all his might to bring healing into his new home. All the angels gathered around their friend to say goodbye. They would miss him. Yet they knew it was a great honor to be chosen for this wonderful journey. One cherub, the Angel with the Tender Heart, was especially sad. He cried because the Angel with the Golden Glow was his best friend. What would he do without him? Sensing his friend's despair, The Angel with the Golden Glow hugged him close. As he did this, his halo shone so much light that his friend's sadness soon lifted. "Don't be sad. This is the greatest day of my life. I'm off to share my love with the world. Remember I'll always love you...whether we are together or from the other. One day you too will be chosen, and you will understand."

When the Angel with the Golden Glow was finally ready, he was born into the chosen home. There was great celebration for he was the family's first child and first grandchild. His mom and dad and the entire family were ecstatic.The story continues that the Angel with the Golden Glow quickly becomes sick and it is known to the family that the child would not survive. However, sadness was difficult to achieve around the angel because of the beautiful, love, and happiness he let shine each day. Most of all, the angel brought love to this earth family. Sadly for the family, the angel returns to Heaven. Returning to Heaven, he was sad because he missed his family on Earth, yet happy to reunite with his best friend, the Angel with the Tender Heart. The story continues with the Angel with the Tender Heart proclaiming,"I missed you so much. Yet our time together in heaven will be short. I have the most amazing news! God has chosen ME to be born into the same family. There is still much healing that needs to be done. Just think! We will be earthly brothers as well as heavenly brothers! This is surely the greatest honor of my life!" The Angel with the Golden Glow was happy for his friend's wonderful opportunity. There wasn't anyone in all of heaven he would rather send to his earth family than his dearest friend. Yet he would miss him..........

The last page...As the Angel with the Tender Heart was leaving, he said, "I love you, dear friend. I promise to take tender loving care of all those you love on earth. Don't be sad....for there will be a day when we will be together again. And remember, as you wisely taught me, I'll always love you....whether we are together or from the other.

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