Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~Word Filled Wednesday~

Faith Is...

Last Sunday we had a surprise birthday party for our Mom. We weren't sure we would be able to pull off the surprise, but we did. She didn't have a clue what we had been planning. We had a great turnout and tons of fun. I will post pictures soon.

Jan returns to MD Anderson next week, June 15-16. She will have extensive testing this time due to changes in the protocol for the clinical trial she is on. We would love to see great results. Please join us as we pray!

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Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!! Love your WFW!
~Hugs, HL

Cathy said...

Very pretty and wonderful Word ~

Toia said...

Lovely!! Happy WFW!!

Susan said...

Wow, I love your new look Cheryl!! So bright and cheery.

Hope you are having a blessed day.

I'll be praying for Jan's next visit.

Believing for a GOOD report.

Oh, your jewerly is beautiful!!!


Amydeanne said...

glad she had a great bday! :)

Denise said...

Such a beautiful WFW. I will be praying for Jan, love you.

Christina said...

I'm always keeping Jan in my prayers and I am praying she keeps getting good news.

Tracy said...

What a lovely WFW! Glad to hear you Mom's party was so wonderful...I knew it would be! What a great memory that will make for everyone.