Saturday, November 1, 2008

~Friday Pictures~

Yesterday morning, I received an email from Jen, my niece. In the subject line it said, "Aw shucks." I'm assuming she dressed up at work for Halloween. I'm sure you can guess who she is supposed to be!

I couldn't ask for a better niece. She is so sweet, and we have had some great times. She has grown to be a very beautiful lady, inside and out. Looking forward to MANY more fun times, Jen.

These are pictures of Ripley. He unfortunately had to wear his costume from last year. This first picture is kind of blurry. He had been fighting me for the hat and was chewing on it at the moment.

This second picture looks kind of like he is pouting. But, what he is actually doing is chewing on the string to his hat. It does not bother him to put his costume on, EXCEPT for the hat. I have to get it to sit back, otherwise, he is constantly trying to get it off.

This last picture (Ripley), he is sitting pretty for "a moment." He's probably thinking, "get it over with lady." He would wear his costume all day, if I left it on him. But, not the hat. The fringe needs to be trimmed because he steps on it some.

My cousin sent me pictures of her 3 sweet kids from last night. Aren't they adorable. And, what a great idea. I didn't ask for permission to put these on my blog. The 2 little ones are TWINS. They will be 1-year-old this week. Pooh is their 3-year-old brother, "T" and you can't see his face in this first picture.

There is a story here. Little "piglet" had open heart surgery this summer. She will have the 2nd part to her surgery, I think when she is about 2." God has been awesome and I know He has provided such comfort and peace. These 3 little ones have a Daddy and Mommy who truly know what a blessing they are. Before they were born, they didn't know if little "piglet" would have some other problems, but as you can see, she is doing beautiful.
I have many more pictures, but I am sharing this last one. I think it is a hoot. The look on "G" and "P's" faces when they see each other in their costumes is so funny.
Janet and Gerald return to MD Anderson this week. There will be an MRI, blood work, and an appointment with a endocrinologist. Janet's thyroid is overactive. And, she is feeling the effects of this. Please pray for great results and medication to correct her thyroid.
Hope you enjoyed this pictures. Have a blessed weekend!~


Debra said...

Cheryl...your niece is too cute for words! I love it. And all the other pics are great too.

I really need to send my Mom the picture of Ripley ... she loves her Kobi like you do Ripley. She would really get a kick out of that costume!

Happy Saturday sweet sis!

Darlene said...

Your neice is soo cute! I bet Ripley was just upset that didn't get a new costume!LOL

I love the pictures!
Have a wonderful day!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

What beautiful kids Cheryl!
And you know, Ripleys' stolen my heart. I think it's neat he would wear his costume all the time. My Abe LOVES his bandanas and never bothers with those either. It's like they KNOW they look fabulous! haa
Blessings my friend,

Laurie Ann said...

Your niece is adorable! I'm so glad you have such a good relationship with your family. I love my family, too! The kids are ADORABLE! Praying for the little one's heart. Also praying for Jan as she travels back to Houston. My uncle had an MRI last week and they found something - they think it's scar tissue but it's being sent around the country to see for sure. His oncologist at M. D. Anderson said the meds he's on goes straight to his brain, so it shouldn't be melanoma. We are praying here, too.

Waiting on wonderful news from Jan's visit!

Tracy said...

Oh my word...those pics are ADORABLE!!! Your niece looks GREAT. So happy you guys have such a great relationship. = )
I loved those pictures of Ripley...and then those babies...melt my heart!!! Thanks for sharing these.

Praying for Jan...looking forward to hearing results of her tests.

Hugs & blessings,

Nancy Douglas said...

Great pictures and your niece did a great Sarah Palin. How fun.