Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Scarecrow ~ 2007

Last Halloween, Ripley got the pleasure of dressing up so he could stand at the door and wait for the kids. Here are some pictures. I was rather surprised, but he actually loved his costume.

This first picture I have him sitting outside on a chair that I have on my porch.
This picture here is Ripley sitting at the front door, which he did for probably 2 hours waiting for trick or treaters.
This last picture is one I took from outside while Ripley is sitting there.
Enjoy ~ the little scarecrow!


Denise said...

I love your dog, soooooooooo cute!1

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is SO adorable. Your dog is cute but the outfit is precious. What did the tricker treaters say about him. Did they euu and aww over him?

Nice blog makeover.

Darlene said...

Ripley is sooo cute!
Did you dress up too?

Thanks for your help over the weekend!

Laurie Ann said...

Ripley is a doll!!!!!!! He's so photogenic, too. We dressed Copper up as Batman one year - he was our toy poodle before Wilson.

Peggy said...

Is this adorable or what? Ohh Cheryl
did you link up or enter Ripley in DOT's? Ripley you are the friendliest scare crow I know! How they T&Ters must love you! I bet you just wanted their treats! Only Bravo wore a my clown outfit & hat one year but no way do all 5 of us have any costumes!
Be blessed as you bless! Enjoy!

Debra said...


I love the last one...truly that dog is cuuuutttteee!

Happy Saturday my sweet friend!

Love ya!

Tracy said...

I can't believe he actually loves that costume! Those photos are about the cutest dog photos I have EVER seen. If you ever tire of that sweet guy, you let me know, ok? ; )