Friday, July 11, 2008

~Then Sings My Soul Saturdays~Mighty to Save~Hillsong~

Please remember Jan as she started her new treatment Thursday. Everything seems to be going good. Our prayer would be that this is the treatment that will kill ALL tumor and cancer cells, as well as NO long term side effects and if any minimal side effects while on treatment. Please ask God to give her Peace, Faith and Hope, as well. As she told me recently, it takes everything she has to fight this. I can't begin to imagine the heavy load this must be. We've see God's hand at work throughout her journey thus far and we Praise God for his help and guidance every step of the way!

Please also remember my Mom and Jan's husband, Gerald. They are probably the 2 closest people to Jan.

I would also ask that you remember me as I continue my search for a job. Pray that I will "Be Still and Listen" so that I will know where I will best fit. Although I have peace, it is uncomfortable.

Please also remember my cousin who is also fighting cancer, and Joyce who should be starting chemo Monday. She has had a very bumpy road so far. She had a PET CT scan Thursday. They probably won't get the results until Monday.

Following are the words to "Mighty to Save." We know that God has the ability to do anything! Nothing is too big or too small for Him. He cares about our biggest concerns, as well as our smallest concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Everyone needs compassion
A love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
A kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations

He can move the mountains

My God is Mighty to save
He is Mighty to save

Author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave
So take me as You find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender

Shine your light and let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory of the risen King...Jesus

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Peggy said...

to manage treatments to kill ALL tumor & cancer cells for diminish & wipe out all side bring HOPE FOR EACH DAY, peace & faith for Jan, your mom, Jan's hubby-Gerald and you...HE IS MIGHTY to speak to you in this job search and YOU are able to BE STILL & HEAR HIM!!!
Just a bit of a rewrite of the beautiful, lively Hillsong declaration in this aMazing song!
GREAT choice as usual! GREAT words
a OUR SAVIOR WHO CAN MOVE THE MOUNTAINS for all your prayer requests including your cousin
and all who come to your blog
needing a lift or HOPE for this day! May you be blessed in your time with HIM, seeking and listening, soaking in His Presence! May He meet you & your needs, lift the heavy weight, y'all have been carrying for so long but we're praying thru this battle!!! For Joyce also!!! BIG
super blessings for you as you bless others & touch them for Jesus

LAURIE said...

Thanks for sharing your worshipful heart with us and I have said a prayer for your needs you mentioned and will continue to pray for them this week.

Susan said...

Hey Cheryl,

Yes, I'll continue to pray for Jan. I love this song, I have this CD and play it OFTEN.

I didn't know you were looking for a job! I'll have to keep that in prayer as well.

Hope you have a great weekend♥

Lisa Ann said...

Great song. Will keep Jan and your family members in my prayers.

boutcrazy said...

We've been down the road you are traveling with cancer and job search. My prayers are with you, your freinds, and your family. God is still in the business of miracles!

Melissa Lea said...

Wonderful song! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Jenn_N_Luc said...

Hi Cheryl! It's been awhile...but, I just checked in. Jan is in my prayers and God IS MIGHTY and do pray he gives Jan peace and comfort during her healing.

Praying also for you for your job search. I pray the right doors will open and you will have peace with your decision!

Tell Ripley happy birthday from Lucie!! :-)

Tiffany Stuart said...

He is mighty to save. I am sad to know that those you love are fighting for their lives. My brother is a childhood cancer survivor. It's hard to watch them fight as the chemo/radiation tears their bodies up.

May God provide them with his strength and his peace and love as they heal. Also I pray you will find a God designed job in his timing.

Loved your fun blog pattern and this song.

God bless,

Earthmommy said...

Adding your loved ones to our prayers! He IS mighty and always answers us in accordance with His will.

Becoming Me said...

He is indeed mighty to save with a wisdom far above our own. Blessings to you.

Sheryl said...

i am typing this through my tears. thank you for the reminder through song. HE IS MIGHTY!

still praying and i appreciate the updates as there are so many needs out there! i too, can't imagine how jan feels. i know what is like to fight an illness, but NOTHING like what she is going through.

wanted to let you know that i heard from my son, david. the mexico part of his mission trip was life changing for him. thank you for your prayers, i am sure i will post something on my blog.

love ya and i will continue to lift all of your requests to the One who is mighty to save,

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Such important request and concerns and an awesome song to share. Thanks. Hillsong can minister to me any day.

Mel's World said...

I love Hillsong and the music that touchs your soul they sing...great pick for this week Cheryl...

I will most certainly be praying that all goes well with the treatments for the cancer and your family.

Be Blessed,

Natalie said...

I am so glad He is mighty because so often I am so weak.

Amy Wyatt said...

I love this song too. He is mighty to save. He has conquered the grave and makes us more than conquerors. I will be lifting you and your friends and family up in prayer.

Laurie Ann said...

I love your choice for this week. It just "fits". It blessed my heart so much. Please know I'm continuing to pray.

Christina said...

This is an awesome song. Our Lord is Mighty to Save. I am praying for Jan and Joyce. I will also pray for Jan's husband Gerald, and also your cousin. What a rough road you and your family have had and I am trusting the Lord that you will have better days ahead.

amanda said...

Ohhh...I LOVE this song! ANd I love how it just parks in my head and I can sing it over and over for days and never get sick of it.

Thanks so much!!!
God bless-


lana said...

still keeping Jan in my thoughts and prayers.