Wednesday, June 4, 2008

~A Closer Look Is Needed~

Here are the results of MRI ~ WFW below!

Well...Jan's MRI looked a bit different today than it did two months ago. It was explained to Jan and Gerald that the changes in the MRI "appears to be necrosis." Jan's oncologist spent quite a bit of time with the radiologist today. This change in the MRI has a "honeycomb" appearance which leads them to believe that it is necrosis (dead tissue).

Jan/Gerald had 2 options: One to go back in and find out what this is OR to return to M.D. Anderson in 2 weeks, June 17th and 18th, to perform another MRI. But this MRI will be more indepth so as to see what they are dealing with.

With that being said, Jan was understandably upset. So, please lift her up now and in the days ahead. She is in her 7th month now of constantly fighting this beast. I know she is weary and as I posted on my WFW she needs RENEWED STRENGTH!

Please pray for our family that we will remain steadfast in our Faith and that we will not give in to Fear. Nothing can rob you of joy, confidence, optimism and opportunities more quickly than a spirit of fear.


MyJourneyBack said...

Thank you for visiting me this morning and offer words of encouragement.
I know your family needs pray too and living in uncertainty and fear is hard to do. When you know you must trust in God but sometimes it is difficult. But he will give us strength and we just have to cling to his words.
I will be praying for you.

Beth K. Vogt said...

I prayed fro Jan this morning. I have a friend whose 12 year old son is battling cancer too--so my heart goes out to others who face the same battle.
I love your blog--Psalm 46:1 is one of my all-time, most treasured verses.