Sunday, June 1, 2008

100 Things About Me

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to list 100 Things About Me, but I did. I think I jumped around a bit, but oh well!

1. I am a believer.
2. I am from Oklahoma.
3. In fact I have lived in Oklahoma all my life.
4. I was born on July 6.
5. I have 2 sisters. No brothers.
6. I am the middle sister.
7. I DO NOT LIKE being in the middle.
8. I love my sisters.
9. My baby sister has brain cancer.
10. This breaks my heart.
11. I have a Pekingese.
12. His name is Ripley.
13. He is the sweetest dog I think you will ever meet.
14. Ripley came in my life at the most perfect time.
15. Ripley has recently had two surgeries on his elbow.
16. Mexican food is my favorite food.
17. I can make really good salsa.
18. My first friend was Jana.
19. She moved when we were school in grade school.
20. I recently saw her after all these years.
21. My kindergarten teacher’s name was Mrs. Wolf.
22. I hung onto her skirt.
23. I cried the first day of school every year. 3rd grade was the last year I cried the first day of school.
24. In 1st grade I didn’t want to go to school so I told my parents my stomach hurt. They took me to the doctor repeatedly and had tests run trying to find out what was wrong when it was I simply did not want to go to school. (They were on a tight budget at that time and I probably caused things to be a little tighter because of this)
25. I was kissed in 1st grade by a boy named Scotty. Can’t remember his last name.
26. It was Valentine’s Day. He wanted to meet at the corner of our street.
27. He gave me a box of chocolates. Knocked me down and kissed me.
28. My sister Jan went home and told my Dad. He did not like that.
29. I loved to finger paint when I was in grade school.
30. I also won a car/race track at a drawing held at a movie theatre one summer. My 2 sisters and I had fun playing with this “boy” toy.
31. I had the 3 day measles one summer and remember having to stay in and watch everyone from my window playing outside.
32. I love days when you don’t have to go anywhere.
33. I am a night owl.
34. I haven’t always been.
35. I love cookbooks.
36. I used to collect them.
37. I stopped collecting cookbooks when I stopped cooking as much.
38. I love to cook. I just don’t do it anymore.
39. I really like to bake also.
40. I took cake decorating classes.
41. I used to bake and decorate my niece and nephews birthdays cakes when they were younger. They would pick the cake they wanted.
42. And, I have baked/decorated an anniversary cake for my Mom and Dad and Jan’s second wedding cake.
43. I love kids.
44. It seems they love me too.
45. I love to spoil them.
46. I don’t have any of my own.
47. That makes me EXTREMELY SAD.
48. I teach 1st grade Sunday School at the church I attend.
49. I’ve taught 1st grade at my church for about 5+ years.
50. For awhile I also taught the 2-3 year olds on Wednesday nights.
51. Years ago I also taught children at the church where our family went.
52. My first job was at Winchell’s Donuts.
53. It was fun making donuts. I wouldn’t want to do it now.
54. I work @ home.
55. I’m thinking about going back to work in an “office” setting.
56. I work for neurologists.
57. Before working in the medical field, I worked in the legal field.
58. While working in legal, once we got to travel to New York and work for a while. I could have lived there. Probably not forever, but it would have been fun for a bit.
59. I wear contact lenses.
60. I am a TV reality series/ drama series junkie.
61. I had to go to summer school after 9th grade. (Long story)
62. I had to walk home because my parents were working. I think that was also part of my punishment.
63. One morning (I think it had been raining) when I got out I started walking home. When I made it to the first corner, there was my Dad. Waiting to drive me home.
64. My Dad lives in heaven.
65. I really miss him.
66. I think a lot more about what Heaven is like since my Dad is there.
67. There is one picture of me that my Dad always liked. It wasn’t one that I particularly liked.
68. I think I look like both my parents.
69. A lot of people think I look like my Mom now.
70. My Mom thinks I don’t want to look like her, but she’s wrong. I just see a mixture of her and my Dad.
71. I do think I have acquired certain traits of my Mom.
72. Between my two sisters and myself I think I’m the most sensitive.
73. I get my feelings hurt the easiest.
74. When someone hurts my feelings or makes me mad, I try not to show it.
75. I get very quiet and never seem to accomplish this.
76. I can usually tell if something is bothering someone.
77. I like it when people are real.
78. I feel safer being real with someone who is being real with me.
79. My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes.
80. My favorite kind of cake is white cake with white icing.
81. I like to plant flowers.
82. I love to have a clean house.
83. I especially love everything to be in its place
84. It doesn’t seem to happen as often as I like.
85. I have a few fishing memories/stories of times spent with my Mom and Dad. Those mean a lot.
86. I HATE conflict.
87. I don’t like to be screamed at and will usually clam up.
88. It is very hard for me to talk about my feelings.
89. When I was little and would get hurt, I would not cry until I hit the front door.
90. I don’t like to be made fun of.
91. Some kids did this when I was a kid.
92. I think in some ways I’ve made my life harder.
93. I’ve carried around guilt.
94. This is partially due to some cruel people and partially forgiving myself.
95. I’m my own worst critic.
96. I have one niece.
97. And three nephews.
98. I have some close “REAL” friends.
99. I recently had a wreck.
100. I totaled my car. That is not the first wreck I’ve had, but the only time I’ve totaled a car. Not my fault.


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Tracy said...

Just scrolling through some archives and just read your list...very insightful! I see more than a few things we have in common...I too HATE conflict. (Can't everyone just always be happy and get along at all times??) = ) I too get quiet when someone hurts my feelings and also tend to clam up if someone is "yelling" at me. I too have a hard time talking about my feelings. Have you ever read "How We Love?" It has been the single most insightful book (besides the Bible) I have ever read! Helped me to understand why I am the way I am.

We share quite a few other commonalities glad God crossed our paths! Looking forward to getting to know you even better.