Thursday, April 24, 2008

~A Day of Garage Sale~

Day One of the Garage Sale for Jan is over. We had a good turnout. We've done really well and we made a big dent in the merchandise. It was my plan not to bring ANYTHING HOME. I took all the stuff I had planned on putting in the garage sale I was going to have and gave it to Jan. What better cause? I had looked around the other day just a bit and didn't find anything I couldn't live without. Well, I guess being there the majority of the day I got to digging and a few new things arrived today and my plan did not work. I FAILED. But I did come away with a couple of great finds. One of which is an old coffee pot. Kind of decorative. I'll take a picture and post it soon.

When I arrived at the sale this morning a friend that I had gone to grade school with was at the sale. This is someone who I had been very good friends with who had moved while we were still in grade school. I've known she lived in Tuttle, but this is the first time I've seen her since grade school. It was great to see this friend from so long ago. Maybe it won't be so long before our next visit.

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