Friday, April 25, 2008

~Another Day at the Garage Sale~

This was our second day of the garage sale. While it started off a bit slower than yesterday we still had a good turnout and good sales.

When I took Ripley out this morning about 7:00 it was about 73 degrees, humid and partly sunny. After he finished his business, I had to drop off my work and then I headed to Tuttle. From Moore where it was partly sunny I headed west into dark rainy weather. Before I even made it to Tri-City (for those of you who know where Tri-City is just a few miles) the temperature had dropped 10 degrees and I drove out of the dark clouds. This is typical crazy Oklahoma weather.

Once I got to the church I was very glad I had worn jeans and a jacket today. Good thing I listen to the weather. Otherwise, I would have froze for sure. I already walked/sat around with a blanket on all day. We spent a portion of the morning moving furniture and other items in and out of the building because everytime we moved it out a few minutes later it would start raining. Finally the sun decided to stay out and it got to about 73 degrees, but it didn't seem to warm up to me because the wind was blowing.

We didn't have as many early people we think because of the Newcastle city wide garage sale. We think most people came to ours after hitting the Newcastle sales first since this was our second day. We've sold so much, but still have a lot to sell. We have one more day and have some really good furniture and other things that we would hate to give to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, so we talked a bit today and decided to take all the really good furniture and items to my house and have a one day garage sale next Thursday in Moore. This is our plan unless we have a huge turnout and get rid of most everything tomorrow.

I thought I had heard that someone by the name of Mary L. had some really great finds and she was going to bring them to the garage sale. I've been waiting to check them out. What's up with that?

The picture above is the coffee pot I bought yesterday. The picture doesn't really do it justice...

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl, someone has a big mouth! Wonder who it could be, maybe M.M.??
Love the coffee pot!!