Saturday, March 8, 2008

~Unspeakable Peace~

In all your ways acknowledge him." Proverbs 3:6

Jan started on her second week of chemo last night. She is on a cycle of one week on/one week off. What a difference a week makes. The first week she was on the chemo, she also developed an allergy to one of the other 3 medications they were giving her. Since they were all started at once they had to stop all 3, wait for the rash to go away and then start again. She started back on one of the meds on Wednesday and another one last night, along with the chemo. The medication started last night has shown to provide a lot of benefit in killing cancer cells. Pray that this is not the medication she is allergic to and that everything will run smoothly and according to plan. She had a totally different start today from 2 weeks ago. I think this must be in part to the fact that she has been exercising this last week. I can't imagine how she feels and I know its been tough at times this week, but she has done fabulous. We are also working on changing diets as well. There has been evidence that sugar, for instance is horrible in many ways, but especially in feeding cancer and cancer cells, as well as tumor.

She returns to M.D. Anderson on Wednesday, March 12 for MRI and blood work. Her oncologist doesn't believe there will be much change from a month ago, but he expects significant change by April. PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING THAT THE CANCER IS NOT GROWING AND IN FACT THAT THEY SEE A FURTHER REGRESSION IN SIZE. It is very stressful when there is testing, not only for Jan and Gerald, but our entire family. Please pray that we are filled with peace this week.

Our family is gearing up for May ~ Brain Awareness Month. We want to give back for all the blessings we have received on this journey. There are several events that we are planning on volunteering for.

I put the above scripture up today I think because the last few weeks have been mighty bumpy.

It's a familiar verse. Once we are often quick to quote and slow to apply. And yet, if obeyed, it can produce peace in your soul and mine during busy seasons.

Charles Bridges' provides fresh insight into this tittle verse. Consider his comments carefully:

"Take one step at a time, every step under Divine warrant and direction. Every plan for yourself in simple dependence on God. It is nothing less than self-idolatry to conceive that we can carry on even the ordnary matters of the day without His counsel. He loves to be consulted...Consider no circumstances too clear to need His direction. In all they ways, small as well as great; In all they concerns, personal or relative, temporal or eternal, let Him be supreme. Who of us has not found the unspeakable 'peace' of bringing to God matters too minute or individual to be entrusted to the most confidential ear.?"

Proverbs 3:6 is our go-to verse when we're faced with a big decision. We are often quick to acknowledge the Lord and seek His guidance in extraordinary situations. However, we assume we can "carry on ...the ordinary matters of the day without his counsel." God calls this self-idolatry and pride.

How often I live as if I don't need God in order to perform regular daily tasks -- as if I am sufficient in and of my self to handle most things! My lack of dependence upon God is pronounced in these "ordinary matters."

And yet, as Mr. Bridges points out, "God loves to be circumstance (is) too clear to need His direction!" He wants us to bring to Him all our little decisions, our minor frustrations, our small delemmas. He doesn't just tolerate our questions -- God LOVES to be consulted! Hasn't He commanded us to acknowledge Him in all our ways?

A season of busyness may tempt you to anxiety, but as Christians, we are truly meant to experience peace in our souls each and every day. This precious, "unspeakable peace," comes when we bring to God all of the ordinary matters of our day.

So what were you going to do next? Before you get up from your computer, pause, read this verse and quote again, and acknowledge Him.

Unspeakable peace can be yours for the rest of the day.

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